Dead end

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This blog isn’t being updated anymore. I haven’t decided if I want to delete it because of the way wordpress does delete. So, for now, it’s just here.

I’m updating this one now.


No Love

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It’s obvious this blog is getting no love and I must fix that. Windows Live Writer might help me with this.

Fall With Honor by EE Knight

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So, finished it. It’s the latest book (seventh) in the Vampire Earth series by EE Knight. Finally! Why must it be so damn hard (near impossible) to read fun stuff while in mid-semester? Anyways. I enjoyed this. There might have been more internal dialogue type stuff and there should have been more of Smoke. That’s not to say more internal type stuff was bad. But, dammit! The ending that wasn’t an ending…. arg! It makes me wonder why this book was so short. And makes me wonder what the hell is going to happen in the next book.

The next book cannot come out soon enough! (And part of me wonders if this is part of his evil little plan to get more people to buy the next book in hardback! :p) It’s called Winter Duty. Well ok… the title gives me ideas even.

Also, I swear EE Knight plays scrabble. Swear it!

If the World Could Vote

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Check it out.

Bullshit (with update)

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Are you a gamer? Do you enjoy D&D games in any shape or form? Do you read OOTS? (If you know D&D and don’t read OOTS, you should.) Do you donate to charities? Anyways… if you answered yes to all of these. Don’t contribute to this charity anymore. The just mentioned charity refused the money raised during GenCon 2008 because it was partly raised through the selling of horrible, evil, scary D&D materials.

Simply based on the prevalency of the Internet, video games, computer games, and, well, who knows what else, this is stupid. Especially when it’s money for starving children. This is, bullshit. I can’t hope this charity doesn’t receive less money since they help starving children, but I do have to wonder whether other charities that help starving children deserve the money more. There does definitely seem to be similar charities that work more efficiently.

Originally found most of this, here.

Update (November 6, 2008) found here (same place as original here from above)

A to Z Meme thingy!

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I got this meme from a famous person, read his books! (Well, I guess he’s not famous but hey, he’s at least a published writer who (in theory) gets asked for his autograph.)

Sadly, I’ve been planning this thing/post and the (sorta) homage to EE Knight but school has been keeping me busy that I’m just now getting around to this…

♥A is for age: 28
♥B is for beer of choice: Shiner Bock. From tap preferred.
♥C is for career right now: Freeloading college student.
♥D is for your dog’s name: My cat that sometimes acts like a dog is named Tank, does that count?
♥E is for essential item you use everyday: My cell phone. A Blackjack that has been dropped one to many times.
♥F is for favorite TV show: This is tough since we don’t have cable but, how about CSI. Gotta love Grissom. Going to miss him when he leaves the show.
♥G is for favorite game to watch: Bah. Sports are not for watching. Though I would like to go to another ice hockey game.
♥H is for Home town: small-town-you-haven’t-heard-of, PA
♥I is for instruments you play: I sorta know how to play the clarinet.
♥J is for favorite juice: Organic apple juice.
♥K is for whose butt you’d like to be kicking: My archaeology professor who seems to think his class is more important than anything else I’m taking.
♥L is for last place you ate at: um. Let me think. Chili’s.
♥M is for marriage: Yes. married. second time, hopefully my last, meaning hopefully this one lasts. (grin)
♥N is for your name: Ofia :p
♥O is for overnight hospital stay: Technically I have stayed over night in the ER because I made the mistake of mentioning chest and pain in the same sentence after having an asthma attack.
♥P is for people you were with today: Husband, classmates.
♥Q is for what’s your best quality: Um. Today maybe my organization skills.
♥R is for what are you currently reading: Just finished People of the Nightland for class. Also reading Ain’t No Makin’ It for another class. (Sorry, don’t feel like making links for those.)
♥S is for relationship status: Married, yup.
♥T is for time you woke up today: 8 am ish?
♥U is for the type of underwear you have on: basic cotton, not granny panties though.
♥V is for vegetable you love: hmm. that depends on what I’m doing with the vegetables, cooked or raw? Raw: cucumbers and tomatoes. Cooked: acorn or spaghetti squash maybe.
♥W is for worst habits: my sweet tooth, is that a habit?
♥X is for x-rays you’ve had recently: Recently = in the last few months? Knee. Teeth next week.
♥Y is for something candy : Smarties! Peeps! Candy Corn!
♥Z is for zodiac sign: Virgo. I match pretty well with organization/anal characteristics and loyalty characteristics… on most days anyways.

Who to vote for?

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The “maverick” and the “mad dog” or Obama? And for that matter, why do McCain/Palin need nicknames? I have yet to hear a nickname for Obama. Well, aside from “half breed muslin” but that’s not exactly worth mentioning. The BBC is useful for providing news that isn’t bias, at least not the same way….