Other things to learn

So, I’m not sure the work at home thing will still be happening and since I’m down a class I have free time.

Things to do with my free time aside from computer/MMO games include:

1. Picture taking.

2. Messing with photoshop.

3. Cropping/going through the crap load of pictures already taken.

4. Learning HTML. Actually getting through the HTML book.

5. Reading current affairs/sociology books – expanding and identifying my interests.

6. Researching scholarships.

7. Read fun books.

8. Develop some of the research ideas I’ve come up with. Are they more than just crazy ideas? (Related to sociology of course. Right?)

9. Attempt to continue with some crafts.

10. Catalog my nonfiction books? (Hey, I got to 9 and wanted a list of 10.)


~ by ofia on March 6, 2008.

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